June 2011

Breast Cancer Risk Form

So what puts you at a higher risk for breast cancer? You are about to find out, with the help of your printer.
First, let’s talk about what “risk” means. A risk is not a diagnosis of whether or not you will get breast cancer. Think of a higher risk as adding a few more tickets with your name into the raffle. Some people with low risks still get cancer, while those with a high risk never get it. But knowing you have a higher risk of breast cancer means you are informed, and can talk to your doctor to tailor make a screening plan that suits your body.

Have a look at this handy form below. Print it out and bring it with you to your next doctor’s appointment. When you fill it out together, it will give you an opportunity to tell your physician about your breast cancer risk, and also write down a plan of action. Having a piece of paper to guide the conversation makes it easy to cover the bases and leave knowing what you can do to detect breast cancer. This conversation just may save your life!



P.S. The U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has developed a risk assessment calculator for women age 35 and over. If you are curious about your risk, try it out.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (age 35+)
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