September 2011

Buttons for your blog

Free Blog Buttons, Badges and Banners to help spread awareness!

Download: Just click on the image, hold down the mouse and drag the image to the desktop. The image file will now be on your desktop. When you put it on your blog, make sure to link the image to:

That’s it! Enjoy!

Use this big one for a post on your blog. You can add a friendly reminder to tell people it’s time for a breast check-up! It helps if they can click on the image for the “big picture” and learn more about signs, risks and how a lump feels. To do that, just link the image below to this address:

These little buttons are for putting on your blog or website or anything else you can think of.
Link them to








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Are you aware or just pink?

While I am known as a positive person, I do need to kick up a fuss here about a bee in my bonnet that I’ve had for a long time:

The overuse of the term “breast cancer awareness”.

I think we can all agree that it’s good to get the word out about breast cancer. But in my research, I’ve found that the messages are just not reaching us. For example, I surveyed over 200 people (who had joined breast cancer groups on Facebook) asking them what a cancerous lump felt like. Half didn’t know the answer!

And these were good people who were involved in the cause. Their profile pictures had pink ribbons, their blogs had pink backgrounds, I’m sure they had also been generous in donating to the cause and maybe even ran a marathon in support of it.

But what good does this pink do, when we don’t know the basics enough to save our own lives?

This is why I started Worldwide Breast Cancer. It’s not about selling pink stuff, or writing silly messages on your Wall. Its about fighting breast cancer, by starting with your brain. Knowing what the signs of breast cancer look like, how to know when you’ve found a bad lump and simply explaining what to do if that happens, so you have the power to catch it early, when it’s 98% curable.

Since 2003, I’ve been creating educational materials about breast cancer to help save lives. I’ve done this completely with my own funds. I even went so far as to leave my job, move to England and get a PhD in the topic so that I could prevent more people like my grandmothers and dear friend from being touched by this disease.

On Tuesday, 6 September, 2011, I receive that PhD. A long, wonderful journey that has really helped me to change the face of breast cancer awareness. I’ve tested my materials and found that they really do work. Now I need your help to take this to your street, in your part of the world, or in your language. I’m not asking you to buy pink dog biscuits, or a special kind of lip stick. All I ask is that if you like what I’m doing, be part of this by sponsoring a day on this website, or donate the price of your last trip to the movies below, so that I can stop fighting breast cancer alone, starting with you.

Are you with me?

P.S. If you are a company selling pink stuff for the cause, please contact me about including educational materials with your goods!
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Breast Cancer Leaflet (XS)

Priced for an extra small distribution of under 250 people.

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Risk Calculator

The U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has developed a risk assessment calculator for women age 35 and over. If you are curious about your risk, try it out. Just click on the calculator to get started!

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator 

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