January 2012

Worldwide Breast Cancer Materials: Translated into Gujarati, now in India

In partnership with Khambhati Charity International (KCI), Worldwide Breast Cancer now has materials available in Gujarati, one of the many languages spoken in India. Thanks to Jayshri Rami and her translator from KCI, as well as several university student translators at Kingston University, London for helping to provide the translations. The beautiful typeface “Kohinoor Gujarati” was donated by the Indian Type Foundry for the project. Here are some photos from Jayshri’s educational tour in India.


Women in Balesa, India reading the Worldwide Breast Cancer leaflets in the language of Gujarati.

Women in Balesa, India with the translated leaflets and posters on the table behind them.

Women in Ralaj, India listening to Jayshri's presentation.

Group of Indian school children learning about breast cancer, with leaflets in hand. Pupils were encouraged to take the information home with them and educate their families.

Women in Rohini, India learning about breast cancer.

Photos courtesy of Jayshri Rami, who lead the education efforts in India. A great accomplishment!

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