Worldwide Breast Cancer is an online resource that makes it easy to understand the basics of breast cancer detection through good design.

The challenge with communicating breast cancer is that it’s difficult to illustrate. Breasts are typically associated with sex, making it difficult to display in public. Cancer is also a difficult topic to talk about because it’s associated with death.

The problem when we have to “tell” instead of “show” to get the message across is that it limits the people who get the information. 1 in 5 patients have literacy issues in the USA, and globally the figure is much higher. For others, the task of reading a lot of text isn’t part of their information gathering routine. Either way, life-saving information isn’t received.

Good design is what makes Worldwide Breast Cancer different. Through using lemons as a metaphor for the breast, it’s possible to visualize what breast cancer can look like and also explain how a cancerous lump can feel—like a lemon seed. Because of this, it’s possible to have a single campaign work in every single country around the world. And that has never been done before!

For the first time in history, the breast cancer awareness message of what to look for, feel for and the steps to detect it can be done through a clear, interesting and focused global campaign.

This work has only begun. Available in English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Gujarati and Samoan by translation volunteers the grassroots campaign is reaching more people than ever.

You can be part of this simply by sharing Worldwidebreastcancer.com with your family and friends and acting on what you learn.

Together, we can fight breast cancer starting with you!