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World’s Best Breast Cancer Leaflet

This is the only leaflet in the world that tells you what breast cancer looks like, feels like, and the steps for screening in just one piece of paper. And it’s free to share with friends and family online or via email.

Let’s really fight breast cancer, starting with you.

English is below. Click here for Spanish version.

Instructions for downloading the free low resolution file for printing up to 250 (if you want more than this amount, please see the Shop):

FIRST, click the image to see it at full size, THEN drag the image onto your desktop, or right click and “save image as”. Print page 1 on the front, then print page 2 on the back and fold into a trifold leaflet. Note: do not resize the image to fit the paper, or it won’t align correctly. This download is available for personal non-profit use and is for sharing digitally (unlimited) or for a personal print run of less than 250 and cannot be modified. If you would like to print this or use in a campaign or event, please email the mayor via the contact link at the top of the website. Note: it’s often cheaper to order the leaflets than to print them yourself if you need more than a few! Ink cartridges really add up, have a look at the cost comparison here.

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Want leaflets printed and shipped to you for your next event?

Worldwide Breast Cancer makes it possible for you to run your own professional, proven, breast cancer campaign at an affordable price. If you would like to use this leaflet, posters and other materials for a health campaign, you will need to purchase a high resolution file for download, based on the size of your campaign.

Purchase the leaflet

These breast cancer materials have been designed with physicians and tested with hundreds of patients. Purchase and download the file and have a life-saving campaign ready right away for a fraction of the cost of hiring a firm. You can also have the leaflet personalized with your organisation’s details on the cover and present a professional face to your campaign.

If you would like to volunteer your translation skills, please contact The Mayor.