Antiperspirants are OK

Research Confirms Antiperspirants Do Not Cause Breast Cancer

Over the past few years millions of women have received an e-mail claiming that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. MYTH!

In newspaper articles and on websites doctors repeatedly stated that there was no truth to this claim. But the fact that no research had ever been conducted on antiperspirants and breast cancer kept some women thinking the connection just might indeed be true. But now the research has been conducted and the findings are in: Antiperspirants do not cause breast cancer.

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Self-exam is not enough

On average, women can’t detect a lump smaller than the size of their elbow. A mammogram however usually detects a lump the size of the tip of your finger.

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Men get it too

1% of breast cancer cases worldwide are male.

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Lumpy is OK

In fact, most breasts are! Fibrocystic breast disease is common in women, which makes the breasts feel a bit like cottage cheese underneath. However, if you find a lump that is hard and immovable, ask your doctor to take a look.

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An x-ray is OK

Getting a mammogram won’t cause breast cancer. In fact, it’s currently the best way to detect breast cancer, being 90% accurate.

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Melon sized is OK

Large breasts may just take more time to check, but it doesn’t increase your risk. However, a high breast density can.

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Size doesn’t matter

Small breasts do not have a lower or higher chance of getting breast cancer. However, a high breast density can.

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Breastfeeding is OK

Several studies have found that breastfeeding lowers your risk.

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Sharing Drinks is OK

You can’t get breast cancer like you catch a cold.

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Implants are OK

Having breast implants does not impact your risk for getting breast cancer.


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