Cost Comparison

Debating whether it’s more cost effective to print off a few low resolution leaflets yourself, or to purchase the high resolution leaflet?

Have a look at a chart that explains the costs per page for your printer range, and compare them to the cost per leaflet (which is two pages as it’s printed on both sides).

For example, if you have an HP 8600 printer, the leaflet would be about .26¢ for each side of the leaflet = 52¢ per leaflet for the lower resolution image.

The most the leaflet would cost from Worldwide Breast Cancer for the minimum order amount is 46¢ per leaflet, which is also tri-folded and customized with your organization’s name on the cover with the high resolution image. For orders of 5000 leaflets or more, the cost is just 6¢!

Notes, these costs to not including shipping and rush charges if applicable.