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An ultrasound is something more commonly used for things like finding out if you are giving birth to a boy or girl, but can be used to detect a lump for breast cancer, or 80% of the time a lump that is a water-filled cyst.

Breast Cancer Poster (ultrasound)

When you have a specific area to investigate, this tool is useful. It can help determine if a lump found on a mammogram is breast cancer, or 80% of the time just a water-filled cyst. Ultrasound can also help investigate a younger person where a mammogram can’t reveal anything about a suspicious area. An ultrasound is not used to screen the whole breast because it can miss very tiny lumps, and it’s difficult to tell when all of the tissue has been seen by the operator. There are many variables, such as type of machine and the operator using it that can change the reading as well. That is why an ultrasound is best used when you have a specific area in mind!

Any lump can be investigated with an ultrasound, regardless of age or breast density.