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Nancy C. Speed

Nancy was a model of strength, grace, wisdom, love, and compassion to her family, friends and co-workers. She is remembered for her warm spirit and radiant smile, which signaled the quiet strength she maintained all her life.

Six years ago Nancy C. Speed passed away after a brave yet challenging 10 year battle with breast cancer. Despite the difficulties caused by the disease and extensive treatments, she remained positive and motivated. Instead of bemoaning the situation she harnessed her inner strength and faith in God as she counseled and inspired others that were fighting this and other diseases. She put a great deal of her energy into educating, advocating for, and participating in activities that support the pursuit of a cure for breast cancer.

Her family continues the advocacy work she began. In its third year, Fashion for the Cure is a unique breast cancer awareness event that merges art and fashion to celebrate LIFE—Nancy’s and that of others that are breast cancer patients, survivors or have passed away from the disease. The event will be held at the Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, VA, October 15, 6:30-9:00pm. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


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  1. Pamela Parker
    October 5, 2011

    Nancy Speed exhibited quiet strength during her struggle with breast cancer. She smiled and entertained as if she didn’t have any difficulties. She was just a beautiful woman full of grace.

    Nancy was very smart. She and her husband started a consulting business. They raised 3 beautiful daughters who exhibit the same quiet strength and dignity that their mother modeled.

    I know she is sorely missed. It’s inspiring to see how her daughters carry on the legacy of this great women through their efforts to raise funds for the cure of breast cancer. They are so creative. I’m just amazed.

  2. Verteema S. Chiles
    October 10, 2011

    I didn’t know Mrs. Nancy Speed personally but I know her sister Mrs. Vonzella Smith and all I’ve heard was good things about Mrs. Speed. It’s great how the family is continuing her legacy. I know she is well missed.

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