What is the best way to donate to the cause?

Breast Cancer awareness is not a new topic. Despite the amount of pink ribbons out there, nearly half of women still don’t know what a cancerous lump feels like.

Rather than asking you to buy something pink that gives a small fraction of the profits to charity, you can help women learn what they need to know to save their life by sponsoring this website for a week and dedicating it to someone you know who fought against breast cancer. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Book a week on the calendar below.
  2. You will get an email confirming your week, asking you for a photo and a short story about that person. When people click on that photo, it will take them to a page about that person.
  3. Now here’s the genius part: on your week, invite everyone you know to come to the website in honor of that person. When they come, they’ll learn about breast cancer and you will be saving their life too! Each visitor is a victory against breast cancer.

My hope is that this will generate enough people to the site not only to educate the people we love, but to attract good organizations who will match your donations and donate a dollar for everyone that visits that day. The money will be used to get these materials translated, produce a campaign in your local area, build a few apps, and employ people in the education cause full-time.

With funds, the word can get out more quickly, to more people in more places. And you can be a big part of seeing this website grow into a worldwide campaign. So, go ahead and pick a day and fight breast cancer, starting with you. TM


Learn how you can donate to the cause here.

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