Use Policies

Worldwide Breast Cancer exists to help people understand the basics of breast cancer detection. It makes it easier to learn by using visuals and materials that can work in a variety of communities. Because of this, all of the *screen resolution versions of the materials are issued under a Creative Commons license for free. This means you can use the materials, as long as you:

  • don’t alter them or add to them
  • keep the credit information in tact (easy to do when you don’t alter the materials, as the credit information is already included)
  • and do not use it to make money for yourself or an organization other than Worldwide Breast Cancer (**see note below)

Examples of good things to do:

  1. Post an image from the website on your blog, keeping the link to Worldwide Breast Cancer on the image.
  2. Post a link in Facebook.
  3. Email the screen materials to a friend, with a link to Worldwide Breast Cancer in the email.
  4. Take the entire poster and iron it on to a shirt for a cancer race.
  5. Email The Mayor letting her know that you are using these, I love to hear from you and hear how you are using them!

What not to do:

  1. Do not separate the image from the materials, such as taking the lemons sitting on a sofa and putting it on a shirt by itself, or on a blog post by itself (instead you must use the whole poster, or ask for a special design to be made by contacting The Mayor).
  2. Do not use it in a derogatory or sexual context.
  3. Do not translate the materials (this is altering them) without permission of The Mayor (translators are needed, so please do get in touch!). This is to ensure that the right message and tone of voice is being communicated.
  4. Do not use a copyrighted item without written permission (see next section).

There are a number of things contained on this website and materials that are protected by Copyright. These are (but not limited to):

  • the phrase “Let’s fight breast cancer, starting with you.”
  • the images (which cannot be used in whole or in part outside of Worldwide Breast Cancer without written permission)
  • the logo, and also the word WORLDWIDE with the L as a ribbon shape.
  • The Mayor’s image, and other illustrated female figures used on this site
  • the use of the term “Mayor” to represent a breast cancer authority
  • the concept of a lemon to represent a breast

As great as this resource is, any health decisions should be made with a doctor. Information found on is not to replace a doctor’s sound advice. Any results from following or not following information found or not included on is the responsibility of the patient and WBC and its creators are not liable. This is a “for information only” website. If you think there is an error, please use the contact form.

* If you would like a high resolution version of the materials, see here.

**If you are a charity or business that is interested in using these materials for a campaign, please contact The Mayor.